Better Than Milk® Original Almond Drink

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  15.00 lbs
Organic alternative milk drinks made with spring water. Drink straight from carton, use on cereal or in baking or try in your favorite smoothie recipe. 

WARNING: Not to be used as infant formula. Cap is small and may be potential choking hazard for small children. 


 Gluten Free • Dairy Free • Lactose Free • Soy Free • Cholesterol Free • No Saturated Fat • No Artificial Flavors • Sulfite Free


Organic Certificate

Vegan Certificate

Kosher Certificate

Ingredients: spring water, organic ground almonds, organic cane sugar, organic locust bean gum. Contains: Almonds

Case Size: 6/33.8 fl oz
Serving Size: 8 fl oz (240mL)
Case Yield: 24
Shelf Life: 12 months (Opened - refrigerate and use within 5-7 days)
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