Upton's Naturals Original Jackfruit

Upton's Naturals most versatile Jackfruit, the Original is completely unseasoned and ready for anything. Spice it up and enjoy it in sandwiches, on salads, in tacos, or over rice.

Please Note: The phytochemicals in jackfruit are abundant (phenolic acids, flavonoids and tannins). Colour develops after jackfruit is cut due to the activation of polyphenol oxidase, resulting in a brown color. The extent of the brown color depends on a number of parameters, including jackfruit maturity, phytochemical composition, and air exposure duration after cutting.
The color of the natural Jackfruit in the pouch may change and turn brown with time.


100% Vegan, Organic, Kosher
Ingredients: jackfruit*


Serving Size: 2.65oz (75g)
Shelf Life: 18 months


Organic Certificate

Kosher Certification

UN Original Jackfruit, 10/10.6 oz

Case Yield: 40
Nutrition Facts
Price: $43.75

UN Original Jackfruit, 5/2.2lb

Case Yield: 65
Nutrition Facts
Price: $46.75

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