Vital Cuisine® ProPass® Whey Protein Powder

Add ProPass to any type of  liquid, food or enteral feeding.

* For foods, add ProPass directly to sauces, gravies, soups, mashed potatoes, vegetables, oatmeal, yogurt,  cottage cheese or other types of casseroles or mixes
* For liquids, add the desired amount and stir briskly until ProPass is completely dissolved.

Ingredients: Whey protein concentrate, and soy lecithin. Contains: Milk, Soy

Kosher Certificate 

Serving Size: 8g
Shelf Life: 2 years when stored under dry conditions

ProPass Protein Powder 100 - 8g


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Price: $78.25

ProPass Protein Powder 4 - 7.5oz

Case Yield: 108

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Price: $63.25

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